The Tenant Participation Promotion Team is made up of seven tenants who have been elected to their post by other Aberdeenshire tenants at the Autumn Tenant Event. Each member is elected for three years and any Aberdeenshire Council Tenant is eligible to stand as a member. If you feel you don't 'know enough' don't worry, neither did any of us when we started! We fully understand and will support you until you find your legs.
The TPPT looks at issues which affect tenants and ways of dealing with them, they work closely with individual tenants, tenant groups and with Aberdeenshire Council Officers to find ways to solve problems and improve housing services for tenants.
We should like to point out that although TPPT works closely with Aberdeenshire Council and receives support from them to carry out their activities TPPT is not part of Aberdeenshire Council and is a wholly independent group whos main aim is to support tenants and tenant views and make these known to the council.
We meet on a monthly basis, usually at Gordon House, Inverurie to discuss matters affecting tenants and to raise any issues brought to them by tenants with the appropriate Council personnel.
In addition to this the team take an active role in trying to encourage more tenants to become involved in tenant participation. Tenants have the chance to make a difference to how housing services within Aberdeenshire are run and delivered but only if they are willing to take part and speak up about the things which affect them and about which they are concerned. The members of TPPT are always happy to hear from tenants regarding any worries, problems or ideas they have concerning housing services and contact details for team members can be found here

Local Tenant Groups

Local Tenant Groups are made up of local tenants who have got together to form a Registered Tenant Organisation (RTO) these groups provide help and advice to local tenants on housing and community matters.

The groups work with tenants and Aberdeenshire Council to promote the interests and concerns of local residents within their area in such areas as:

The Environment
Community Life

Many groups are involved in a range of community issues and projects within their home area and are a great source of information, advice and support for local residents.

The groups are recognised by Aberdeenshire Council and receive support and financial assistance from the council.

Tenant Groups are:

Directly consulted by the council on issues affecting tenants.
Are able to feed in to the Tenant Participation Promotion Team.
Can raise items for discussion at Tenant Participation Promotion Team meetings.

Tenant Participation Promotion Team briefing notes are sent to loacal tenant group office bearers allowing groups to be kept up-to-date with the issues being discussed and to keep them informed of any new initiatives which are being looked at or have been put into place.

All tenants are welcome to attend meetings of their local groups but we suggest contacting the group first to confirm time and place of local meetings.

The Following is a list of local tenant groups with links to information about the group and its meeting times etc.

CATRA (Crimond)
FLAT (Aberchirder)
HARA (Hatton)
LATRA (Peterhead)
SATRA (South Abereeenshire)
TAWRA (Fraserburgh)

CATRA (Crimond)

CATRA (Crimond Area Tenants and Residents Association)

Contact Julie Pickering, Chairperson
Tel: 01346 531134

Meetings held the second Tuesday of the month in Crimond Primary School.

HARA (Hatton)

HARA (Hatton Area Residents Association)

Contact: Anne Allan, Chair
01779 841422



Facebook Page: https@//!/groups/hara2012

Meetings held monthly, contact us via email for details.


TAWRA (Fraserburgh)

TAWRA (Thistle and Windmill Court Residents Association)

Contact: Martin Coull, Honorary Secretary
Tel: 01346 517501

Meetings held on the second Wednesday of the month in Windmill Court, Fraserburgh.



Kevin Watt, Chair

73 Shore Street, Fraserburgh

Tel: 01346 512937

Local Tenant Group Updates

If you would like YOUR Tenant Groups news here please e.mail the article to

Local Tenant Group Updates.


CATRA (Crimond): the Fun Run that was originally  going to be in July has been rescheduled for  Sunday 2nd October. There will be two runs  like last year, namely 5K and 10K. Further  details will be publicised in due course  but in the meantime please spread the  word to your friends especially to those  who may be interested in the 5K run. CATRA Meeting dates for the remainder of 2016 are:23rd August 2016 (Committee) 29th September 2016 (Open) 25th October 2016 (Committee) The AGM will be on 29th November 2016.
Please note that all meetings are on a Tuesday, except for that of the 29th September which is on a Thursday, and are held at Crimond Primary School.

HARA (Hatton): The HARA Committee continues to meet on a regular basis. They are currently looking at ways to celebrate HARA’s 20th birthday later  this year. Ideas for suitable celebration activities welcome.
After a successful fundraising  effort and a few hiccups along the way, the public access defibrillator acquired for the village was finally installed and commissioned on Saturday 23rd April. Thanks to Ewan Christie for all his hard work getting this provided and for more recently sourcing training mannequins and spares for the unit.