We attend a number of conferences each year, and these are also open to any tenant who is interested.

Here are the reports for this years conferences.


CIH 2017

Chartered Institute of Housing Annual Conference 

 Two Aberdeenshire Council tenants, Carol Tytler and Ruth Fraser, attended the CIH conference at the SECC in Glasgow in mid March along with housing staff and councillors. Strangely, while they produced photos of the Housing Minister giving his address to Conference, and of the Tenancy Services Manager and the Chair of the Communities Committee sitting in the auditorium, no photos of themselves. What happened to selfies? Someone camera shy? 
All attending reported it was a very interesting conference, although heavy going at times, with a varied programme of talks and a fascinating range of items on display at the accompanying exhibition. 
Lots of opinions on how and if Scotland is shaping up. Welfare reform doesn't look like it's without its problems and issues but there is "hope". Everyday leadership was of the highest importance and the NO word was perfectly acceptable. 
On the Charter, there was evidence that there has been better communication with landlords, which has resulted in improved standards and quality. 
There was an interesting session on "Housing First in Finland". The speaker Juha Kaakinnen spoke about how homeless persons needed a home first and issues and challenges surrounding homelessness were easier addressed once they were in stable housing. In Finland they have reduced homelessness considerably and changed lives. They also use a similar successful model in Canada. Something that could possibly be looked at by Aberdeenshire.